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  • Would you attend an activity like this again?
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Have fun out there!

DePaul University – CAR HACKING TALK

CAR HACKING TALK – CDM 350 – 10/15/19 @ 6:00 PM ? 8:30 PM*

  – Have you ever wondered how people hack cars and what techniques they use to discover vulnerabilities?  Well, Security Daemons will be hosting a Car Hacking Event on October 15th, 2019!  The event will be hosted in room 350 of the College of Computing and Digital Media building (CDM), and will be held from 6:00 PM ? 8:30 PM.
  – Neiko Rivera and Ryan Quasney will be our two presenters who have been car hacking for over a year.   Both will be assisted by Austin Bransky, who also has experience with car hacking.  Neiko and Austin have both attended SAE CyberAuto.  They each have their own specialty in the field which makes this event more special, we?ll be learning multiple techniques and different avenues to hacking a car!  Ryan Quasney participates in bug bounty programs for car hacking through Bugcrowd.  Neiko also participates in bug bounty programs through Bugcrowd, as well as HackerOne.
  – If you?re interested in learning more about car hacking, how to get
  into the field of car hacking, or bug bounty programs, come by the event on the 15th!  There will be pizza and refreshments provided.