CS 442: Mobile Application Development


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  • Welcome to the Spring 2024 edition of CS 442: Mobile Application Development!

  • We will be using Discord to facilitate student discussion, and to run open TA office hours. If you aren't already a member, please join at https://discord.gg/ZMWUqTUa


The lecture calendar is tentative and will be updated. All demo source code can be found in the class GitHub demo repository.

Date Topic Source Code Reading / Notes
Jan 10 Syllabus and Course overview 01-intro.pdf
Jan 12 - Jan 19 Introduction to Dart demos/00_dart_lang 02-dart.pdf
Why Dart?, Dart Language
Jan 24 Introduction to Flutter 03-flutter.pdf, Getting started
Jan 26 - Jan 31 UI and Widget basics demos/01_stateless
Feb 2 - Feb 7 Basic state management demos/02_state Interactivity
Feb 9 Navigation demos/03_nav_route Navigation
Feb 14 Asynchronous programming demos/03/diagrams.pdf futures, async, await
Feb 16 Navigation (continued)
Feb 21 - Feb 23 Responsive and Adaptive design demos/04_responsive
Adaptive design
Feb 28 - Mar 1 Persistence demos/05_persistence 05-rbdms.pdf
Mar 6 - Mar 8 Web / Cloud services demos/06_webservices
Mar 11 - Mar 15 Spring Break
Mar 20 - Mar 22 Web / Cloud services (continued) demos/06_webservices
Mar 27 - Apr 5 Concurrency demos/07_concurrency 07-concurrency.pdf
Apr 10 - Apr 12 Testing and Test automation demos/08_testing 08-testing.pdf


If you plan on submitting an assignment late, you must use this late day notice form to let us know by the assignment deadline.

Released Due Name Repo Invite Max Points
Feb 7 Feb 18 MP1: Profile information page cs442app/mp1 24
Feb 19 Mar 3 MP2: Yahtzee cs442app/mp2 48
Mar 13 Mar 29 MP3: Flashcards cs442app/mp3 68
Apr 6 Apr 17 MP4: Battleships cs442app/mp4 70
Apr 18 May 3 MP5: Final Project cs442app/mp5 50




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