Midterm Topic List

  1. Operating system organization & overview

    • basic definition & OS responsibilities
    • isolation mechanisms
    • Intel "CPL" and interrupt descriptor / vector usage for kernel vs. user protection
    • approaches to multasking (cooperative vs. preemptive) and kernel considerations
    • OS organization pros/cons (e.g., monolithic vs. micro- kernel)
  2. Scheduling

    • macro scheduling states and state transition diagram
    • scheduling metrics
    • bursty execution and interactive process considerations
    • scheduling policies: operation and characteristics
      • computing scheduling metrics given process arrival times / bursts and determining policies from tabulated metrics
    • priorities and aging
    • priority inversion and "solutions"
    • aggregate scheduling: multi-level feedback queue
  3. Queueing theory

    • basic queueing model and related metrics
    • Little's law
    • PASTA and memoryless properties
    • application of M/M/1 and M/G/1 queueing theory equations