Lab 0: Arithmetic and Drawing

Exercise 1: Solutions to quadratic equations

Write a program that, when run, produces two roots for a given quadratic equation with coefficients a, b and c, as described at Wolfram MathWorld.

Your program should define 3 variables corresponding to the coefficients, and should consist of two expressions that, when evaluated, each produce a separate root.

Exercise 2: Drawing the IIT Logo

Write a program that, when run, produces the IIT logo, as shown below:

IIT Logo

Your program should make use of at least one variable bound to an image. Ideally, all of the images that are being overlaid on top of each other to produce the final logo should be associated with variables, to keep your program clean and legible.

You may find the documentation for all available image-related functions at helpful.

Exercise 3: Mona Lisa Graffiti

For this exercise only, you'll be permitted to deface a priceless work of art -- the venerable Mona Lisa.

Bind a variable in your program to the image of the Mona Lisa, and proceed to deface it by adding, at minimum, glasses and a hat to her visage. These images (the glasses and hat) should also be constructed and associated with variables before being overlaid on top of the image of the painting. Oh, and you should also sign your final product (by adding your name using the text function).

Beyond the required items -- feel free to graffiti away!